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November 3, 2000: The phone rings at 3 a.m. There's been a military coup in Moscow. Russian troops have overrun the Baltic states and are massing on the Ukraine border. China announces support for the Russian action and warns the U.S. not to intervene. What do you do?

November 2, 2000: I think the United States is one of the world's most forward-thinking, family-oriented nations, which runs counter to the fact that we do not have a paid maternity leave policy. Would you support such a policy?

November 1, 2000: Many young voters are turning to Nader or just skipping the election entirely. What is it about the Gore and Bush campaigns that's turning off youth? And I'd like Gore and Bush to explain why third parties have been excluded from the televised debates.

October 30, 2000: What's your view on the use of encryption technology for protecting the privacy of citizens and companies? Do you favor legislation substantively easing export restrictions for strong encryption technology or use of encryption technology on the Internet?

October 29, 2000: What specific standards will you use in selecting Supreme Court nominees? What are the most pressing issues the Court will deal with in the next 30 years, and how will they influence your choices? Will you put a Latino on the Supreme Court?

October 27, 2000: The youth of America are directly affected by the decisions made in Washington, yet since we are too young to vote, we have no say in what those decisions are. What are your plans to help the youth of America have our voices heard by our government?

October 26, 2000: In four years I will be entering college, and I am wondering what you plan to do to make college more affordable to middle- and low-income families. Do you plan to introduce more scholarships and grants to kids whose families can't afford college?

October 25, 2000: I am concerned about violence in popular media, but as a believer in the First Amendment I've been troubled by some candidates' proposed solutions. What specifically would you do, and how can you claim any government sanction isn't a form of censorship?

October 22, 2000: When Bush ran for Congress in 1978, he opposed a Human Life Amendment. In Congress in 1977, Gore voted for the Hyde Amendment which says abortion takes the life of an unborn child. Were these changes of heart sincere, or just political opportunism?

October 20, 2000: Do you believe space exploration is important? How big a priority will NASA be during your administration? What should our focus in space be: medical and scientific research, colonization, a Mars landing, or something else?

October 19, 2000: It seems every year we hear about American grain surpluses and the intentional destruction of good grain. With so many developing nations facing food crises and many people starving, couldn't that surplus be shipped where it is needed?

October 18, 2000: What is your position on permanent normal trade relations with China? Should trade be linked with human rights improvements in Tibet, and lessening of religious persecution by Beijing? How would your administration react if China invaded Taiwan?

October 17, 2000: In light of the recent Napster case, what are your views on Internet file-sharing and the protection of intellectual property online? Where would your administration draw the line regarding freedom to access content versus copyright infringement?

October 16, 2000: What is your position on medical research on human fetal tissue for diabetes and other diseases? What about human cloning for production of healthy organs for transplant?

October 15, 2000: With religious diversity increasing, what are your thoughts on the protection of religious freedom and the separation of church and state? Should religions like Wicca be banned from recognition by the military, as some legislators suggest?

October 13, 2000: What are your views on the issue of domestic violence and how do you think the government can work to prevent violence against women?

October 11, 2000: Why should we believe drug prohibition will eliminate drug use, since alcohol prohibition just led to increased crime? Have you ever used illegal drugs, and if so, how do you reconcile that with whatever punishments for drug use you now endorse?

October 10, 2000: Did President Clinton commit perjury during the Lewinsky investigation? If you had been in Congress, would you have voted to impeach him? And, most importantly, will you pardon Clinton if you are elected president?

October 9, 2000: As an African-American, following the Diallo incident, I am deathly afraid of the police. What do you plan to do about police accountability for killing unarmed people?

October 8, 2000: What foreign policy would you adopt toward Africa? Should the U.S. become militarily involved in African ethnic unrest as we have in Yugoslavia?

October 6, 2000: I recently resigned my position as a middle school teacher because I was shot at by a student. What is your position on school violence, and how do you propose to help remedy the problem?

October 5, 2000: How do you feel about America's military readiness?

October 4, 2000: Will you keep in effect President Clinton's executive order that eliminated sexual orientation as a reason for denying federal employment?