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Today's Rolling Cyber Debate Question for John Hagelin
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What is your main rival's best quality, and what is your own worst quality? If you and your party were not running, which of the other candidates would you vote for instead of yourself on Tuesday, and why?
Submitted from Andrea from Yuma, Arizona, via Yahoo!

All six of my fellow candidates for U.S. President display one core quality: a deep commitment to their vision of America and a willingness to fight for it. I admire them for that. More importantly, were I elected President, I would want to draw on the best aspects of their visions for our nation. I have always stood for the principle of "all-party government"--bringing together the best ideas, programs, and leaders from all political parties and the private sector to most effectively serve the interests of all Americans. Government should be based on what works--not what is politically expedient or bought and paid for by special interest groups. There are simple, humane, cost-effective, scientifically proven solutions to all of America's problems, and I would work to make these solutions available to all Americans--no matter what their political leanings.

My own worst quality? I am an idealist and a perfectionist--qualities some say are not well suited to the political world of compromise. As a scientist and a lifelong educator, I have spent my life researching and promoting solutions to the many pressing problems we face as a nation. With my commonsense solutions, we can save the lives of millions of Americans who die each year from preventable illness. We can protect our environment against irreversible devastation, global climate change, and other critical challenges. But we have to act fast, and we have to act decisively. We cannot waffle, and we must not compromise where our future is at stake. Some would say that these feelings are just not "politic."

As always, I invite all my fellow presidential candidates to steal my platform. I say, "Take these ideas and commonsense solutions, and incorporate them into your vision. These ideas will help you get elected, since they have the overwhelming support of the American people. And, after November 7th, one of you may be in a better position than I will be to implement these crucial solutions."

Any candidate who does so would receive my endorsement were I not running for President.