Help Us Gain Major Party Status
by Campaign Manager Doug Friedline

We Won in 1998

I know something about making the impossible possible. In 1998 I was Jesse Ventura's campaign manager during his race for Governor of Minnesota. Only a few weeks before the election, Jesse was all but unknown to the voting public as a political candidate. But with a little help from a lot of people, we created a groundswell of popular support that carried him virtually overnight into the Governor's Mansion -- and ended the Republican and Democratic duopoly on Minnesota politics.

Everyone told us that we could never win this race. They told us that Jesse had no chance because he was a third party candidate. They said a third party vote was a wasted vote. We were being outspent by the Republican and Democratic candidates 25 to 1. The media were ignoring our message. But who lives in the Governor's Mansion today?

The seemingly impossible is possible, folks. And now I've left Minnesota and the Ventura administration to become the new campaign manager for the Hagelin/Goldhaber team -- because we can win this race. We have the most powerful presidential ticket America has seen in years. Since the Natural Law Party coalition convention, we have the U.S. Independent political movement standing powerfully behind us. And we have America's voters across the nation crying out for what we've got -- and ready to vote us into office.

We can win this race, just like we did in Minnesota. But the key is you. We need you to act -- and act now.

Grass Roots Campaigning 101

Many of you have campaign experience, and many of you do not. Here are some key areas you can do to help the Hagelin/Goldhaber team pull off the largest political upset.

Fill out the get involved form (click the Sign Up button to the left) to pledge your support to the campaign.

Download the online brochure. Print brochure on goldenrod paper (you can find at Staples or Kinko's). Make as many copies as you can afford, and pass the brochures out to friends, relatives, fellow workers and classmates. Walk through your neighborhood and distribute them door to door.

Sign up for the Hagelin/Goldhaber Newsflash. Read and forward the newsflashes to your online friends. Develop email groups that are interested in politics or certain issues.

Throw Hagelin parties. Check out John and Nat's schedule. When John or Nat are on national TV, invite your friends over and watch them on TV -- think "Super Bowl" party. Sign up, and encourage your friends to sign up, as volunteers in your local area. You can call your state coordinator or fill out a volunteer pledge card.

Pick up the phone. Call 10-25 friends and tell them about John and Nat's candidacy. Encourage them to visit the web site, and to watch John & Nat when they're on TV.

Cover your bumper. Call the Hagelin/Goldhaber headquarters to order bumper stickers for your car and for your friends' cars. Remember, they don't do any good if they don't make it onto your car. If you don't like putting bumper stickers on your car because they seem so permanent, don't fear. You can put them on the back window or use a hair dryer -- they'll be much easier to peel the sticker off your car.

Be house proud. Contact your state coordinator to find out how to get your lawn sign. We are distributing stencils to the state coordinator so lawn signs can be painted and distributed. Check in your garage for plywood, and call you coordinator to help out in this effort.

Help spread the word. Tell your state media coordinator about good local radio and television shows John and Nat should be on. Remember, radio and print interviews are really easy to conduct by phone for when John and Nat hit the campaign trail.

Lights, Camera, Action! We have a public access television show ready to go, we need you to get it on air on your local public access cable station. Go to the online store to receive the Hagelin tape and instructions. This is a fantastic way to get our message out on the airwaves.

Rally students. Help get our message out on John & Nat's college tour. Let us know if there is a university in your area that we could rally 200+ students from political science classes to hear John or Nat speak. Contact our college campus recruiter at campaign headquarters or your state chair.

Thank You,

Doug Friedline
Campaign Manager
Hagelin/Goldhaber 2000