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What is Natural Law, and what does it have to do with politics?

Natural Law is the laws of nature. Like gravity: if you drop a pen, it will fall down every time. Natural Law is how things work, the principles that govern the universe.

Policies and solutions that utilize the laws of nature work. They are efficient, cost-effective, and long lasting. Policies out of sync with natural law tend to be short-term, ineffective, costly, and accompanied by side effects.

For example, our current "disease care" system ignores the latest scientific knowledge of how the human body naturally resists disease and maintains health. It is a cost-effectiveness disaster. We have the highest health costs -- and among the poorest health -- of any developed country. A more effective health care system, based on natural law, would strengthen the body's immune system through preventive medicine proven to prevent disease, promote health, and save money.

All our policies and programs should be based on the most up-to-date knowledge of Natural Law -- our scientific understanding of how things work. Our educational policies should effectively utilize the laws of nature governing brain development and learning. Our agricultural policies should fully harness the laws of nature governing the natural fertility of the soil, which bring forth abundant crops sustainably -- without eroding the soil base or poisoning our food and water supply with dangerous chemical inputs.

Natural Law is not a new idea in American government. In fact, Natural Law is a founding principle of our democracy, written into the first paragraph of our Declaration of Independence. Our nation's Founders, many of whom were the leading scientists of their day, deeply believed that "the inalienable rights" of every American citizen to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" derive from the unchanging laws of nature. They believed that through knowledge of Natural Law, government could most effectively promote the goals of freedom and happiness of the people.