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What's Wrong With Politics Today:
The Need for Foundational Reform
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What's Wrong With Politics Today:
The Need For Foundational Reform

Americans are fed up with politics as usual: with ineffective, shortsighted, special-interest-driven policies.

Politics has degenerated to "government to the highest bidder." Under our current system, 90% of the time, the candidate who spends the most wins. As a result, our elected leaders are those who are most skilled at raising special interest money. Is this any basis for government?

It's time for government to be based on sound principles: on what works, not what's bought and paid for by special interests.

There is a pressing need for foundational reforms in every area of government: from health care to education, from campaign finance to defense. These reforms, to be truly effective and lasting, must be based on deep principles. They must be based on "Natural Law."