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27 January, 2000
Election Summary Newsletter: You Can Be In Our Top 3 Percent!

We are eager to send all our supporters our beautiful four-page, tabloid-size Election Summary newsletter, along with a special 2001 NLP gift calendar. The newsletter includes top NLP candidate and statewide vote totals for 2000, John Hagelin's analysis of the presidential election, profiles of candidate plans for 2002, and inspiring emails from supporters around the nation. You won't want to miss it!

The newsletter has been ready to mail since December, but the mailing cost of $30,000 is currently beyond our means, given the usual decline of contributions to the Party since the November elections.

You are one of our 30,000 email list recipients. We need at least 1,000 people on our recipient list (3%) to contribute at least $30 (or more please if you can) so that we can send out our newsletter. It's that simple!

Please stand up and be in our top 3%! Simply click on and make your donation today. Or call 800-332-0000, ext. 128, if you have questions.

We would love to get this newsletter out before the end of January. We will keep you posted about our progress so that we can all make this mailing happen. Thank you in advance for helping us inform everyone about the success of our 2000 election activities--the most successful of all Natural Law Party campaigns to date!