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How Hagelin/Goldhaber Appeared on the Ballot

How Hagelin/Goldhaber Appeared on the Ballot
(as of Oct. 19, 2000)

Alabama Independent
Alaska Natural Law Party
Arizona Natural Law Party
Arkansas Natural Law Party
California Natural Law Party
Colorado Natural Law Party
Connecticut Write-In*
Delaware Natural Law Party
District of Columbia Write-In*
Florida Natural Law Party
Georgia Write-In*
Hawaii Natural Law Party
Idaho Natural Law Party
Illinois Reform Party
Indiana Write-In*
Iowa "By Petition" (i.e., Independent)
Kansas Independent
Kentucky Natural Law Party
Louisiana Natural Law Party
Maine Write-In*
Maryland Write-In*
Massachusetts "Unenrolled" (i.e., Independent)
Michigan Natural Law Party
Minnesota Reform Party
Mississippi Natural Law Party
Missouri Natural Law Party
Montana Natural Law Party
Nebraska Natural Law Party
Nevada Natural Law Party
New Hampshire Write-In*
New Jersey Independent
New Mexico Natural Law Party
New York Independence Party
North Carolina Write-In*
North Dakota Independent
Ohio Natural Law Party
Oklahoma Write-In*
Oregon Reform Party
Pennsylvania Write-In*
Rhode Island Natural Law Party
South Carolina Natural Law Party
South Dakota Write-In*
Tennessee Reform Party
Texas Write-In*
Utah Natural Law Party
Vermont Natural Law Party
Virginia Write-In*
Washington Natural Law Party
West Virginia Natural Law Party
Wisconsin Independent-Reform Party
Wyoming Natural Law Party

Write-in Instructions

Note: Absentee ballots are available in every state. In some cases it's easier to cast a write-in vote on a paper absentee ballot than using a voting machine. Call your county court house to request an absentee ballot.

Connecticut - Voter registration deadline is October 24. All voting machines will have pencils available. Move the slide at the top of the machine to the left, then push it up and write in Hagelin or John Hagelin. Pull the slide back down. It is always OK to ask for assistance in a polling place. Alternative: Call your county court house and ask for an absentee ballot.

D.C. - Scroll down the list of Presidential Candidates. At the bottom of the list there will be a place to write in John Hagelin for President. Use a pencil to write in John Hagelin, and then punch the write-in indicator.

Indiana - Printed instruction for writing in a candidate's name while using a voting machine will be posted in the booth. If you have any questions, or are unsure of how to follow the instructions, ask a Polling Official for assistance.

For polling places using paper ballots, simply mark the write-in box as indicated (fill in the oval or whatever) and write in John Hagelin.

Maine - John Hagelin and Nat Goldhaber have been certified as write-in candidates. State law requires that the candidate’s municipality of residence be listed (i.e., Hagelin – Fairfield, IA and Goldhaber – Berkeley, CA). However, since the warden in each municipality will make the decision on the validity of a vote and will be sure of the intent of the voter, that vote will be counted. The most important thing is to activate the write-in indicator on the ballot -- whether that is moving an arrow on a machine or filling in an oval (or whatever) on a paper ballot – and then writing in Hagelin. Maryland - On Maryland's newest voting machines, the voter touches the space for write-ins and uses a keyboard to enter the name John Hagelin. The older voting machines have a metal slide. Slide this up and write in John Hagelin. In polling places that do not have machines, a card will be provided and the name John Hagelin is written in the space at the end of President of the US candidate's list. It's always OK to ask for help in the Polling Place.

Note: to apply for an absentee ballot in the state of Maryland, you may call or go to Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is October 31.

Pennsylvania -The state of Pennsylvania requires voters who wish to cast a write-in vote for President to list all Presidential Electors. Do not write in Hagelin. Instead, write in the following names of the electors: Marsha Ramananantoandro, Harry Ashjean, John Pronchik, Elizabeth Sunderland, John Forry, Charlene Glickman, Lara Weiant, Richard Jacobson, Thomas List, William Ryan, Tansy Foster, Beverly Cario, John Allon, Frances Ashjean, Diane Weatherill, Philip Faust, Mark Aman, Ian Glickman, Cheryl Thomas-Fairly, Cher Jacobson, Nancy List, Danielle Gomesz.

Virginia - There are 8 different kinds of voting machines in use in the state. Instructions for the use of each type of machine will be displayed in the voting booth. Please ask for assistance if you don't understand the directions for write-ins. To apply for an absentee ballot, contact the Registrar of your city or county. The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is November 2 by mail or November 4 in person.