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26 January, 2001
Natural Law Party Continues To Strengthen Third-Party Coalition

For many leaders and candidates of the Natural Law Party, the November 7 elections marked not an ending but rather the beginning of a new phase of nationwide activity. In mid-December, the NLP Executive Council resolved to increase its membership by inviting more third-party political activists to take leadership positions in the Party. Since that time, NLP leaders have continued to work closely with their independent- minded colleagues around the country to build America's most powerful third-party coalition.

On January 13, Natural Law Party co-chair Kingsley Brooks traveled to New York to meet with Independence Party leader Lenora Fulani, founding Reform Party secretary Jim Mangia, and many other third-party leaders to discuss the future of the independent political movement in America. Everyone at the meeting agreed that cooperation, consolidation of efforts and resources, and a unified election strategy are essential to create any meaningful third-party impact in upcoming elections. The participants are now organizing a February national meeting of Natural Law, Independence, and Reform parties to hammer out the details of such a unified front.

Also on January 13, leaders from all four of Colorado's third parties came together and agreed to combine efforts and pool resources for the future. This meeting, the first of its kind in any U.S. state, set the stage for similar collaborations in other states and drew the attention of the New York Times.

We look forward to continuing to build our national coalition, and we invite your participation in this ongoing nationwide initiative.