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John Hagelin Interview – produced by David Lynch
(Total run time 28 minutes, RealVideo)

Part 1 (Tracks 1-10)
Part 2 (Tracks 11-24)

View Individual Tracks:

Track 01 Introduction and Goals of the Natural Law Party
Track 02 The Natural Law Party
Track 03 Education: The Core of Our Platform
Track 04 Preventive Health Care
Track 05 Overcoming Poverty
Track 06 Preventing Crime and Youth Violence
Track 07 Creating Energy Self-Sufficiency
Track 08 Medicare Prescription Benefit
Track 09 Solving the Drug Problem
Track 10 Enlightened Foreign Policy
Track 11 Entrepreneurship and Ending Corporate Control
Track 12 The Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods
Track 13 Ensuring a Fair Trade Policy
Track 14 Safeguarding the U.S. Constitution
Track 15 Gun Control Issues
Track 16 Ending the Two-Party Stranglehold
Track 17 Upholding Human Rights
Track 18 School Prayer
Track 19 Why A Third Party Vote Is Not a Wasted Vote
Track 20 Reducing Abortions
Track 21 Cutting Taxes
Track 22 Politics Today
Track 23 Why John Hagelin is Qualified to be President
Track 24 Beat the Press: Getting Our Message Out

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