"We the People" Leader Endorses John Hagelin over Ralph Nader for President
Former Nader's Raider lauds Hagelin's efforts to build a third-party coalition

John Hagelin received a ringing endorsement for his presidential candidacy today from Jeffrey Peters, co-founder of "We the People," a prominent national political reform organization promoting campaign finance, ballot access, and debate reforms.

"John Hagelin, like all great patriots, has put his ego aside and has placed the best interests of our country first," said Peters, who was one of the original Nader's Raiders in the 1970s. "John has demonstrated his ability to both build and participate in the creation of a new coalition of third parties and reform-minded voters. Unfortunately, this is something that Ralph Nader has consistently refused to do."

"We the People" organized the "Boston TV Party" on October 2, protesting the exclusion of third party presidential candidates from the nationally televised debates by throwing dozens of old television sets into the Boston harbor. The event garnered considerable national media coverage about the issue of third party access to the debates.

Hagelin is the presidential candidate of America's largest coalition of third party movements--the Natural Law Party, Independence Party of New York, and Ross Perot's wing of the Reform Party.

"John Hagelin and I are committed to defeating the tyranny of the corporate-owned, two-party system through a winning independent coalition candidacy--ideally in 2000, or, if not, then certainly in 2004. We are not going to stop until we get the job done," Peters said.

Peters, who is also running as an independent candidate for president, is CEO of the U.S-Mexican Development Corp., a firm that has conducted over 100 business transactions between the two countries. Peters most recently completed an air pollution control contract for Mexico City on behalf of Environmental Systems Products.