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Hagelin-Goldhaber Lead Powerful New Natural Law/Independent Coalition Fill void from the radical-right takeover of the Reform Party

John Hagelin is emerging as the new leader of a powerful national coalition of independent, reform-minded political parties and voters. In recent weeks, leaders of the Natural Law Party, founders of Reform Party, and leaders of other independent political efforts nationwide have come out in support of Hagelin, a Harvard-trained physicist, and his vice presidential running mate Nat Goldhaber, a leading Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

Hagelin and Goldhaber will be on the ballot in at least 40 other states—more than enough to win an electoral college majority. Hagelin has already raised nearly $4 million in campaign funds, and expects to raise an additional $2 million to $4 million before the November election. The funds are being used to run a high-profile television ad campaign in key media markets, and to target college students—a crucial voter base in Hagelin and Goldhaber’s success.

In recent weeks, Hagelin and Goldhaber have received the endorsement of Ross Perot, Russ Verney, founding chair of the Reform Party; Jim Mangia, founding national secretary of the Reform Party; and nine members of the Executive Committee of the original Reform Party.

The Independence Party of New York, the third largest party in New York, recently voted overwhelmingly to nominate Hagelin and Goldhaber atop its party ticket, beating out Ralph Nader by a margin of 10 to 1. And Doug Friedline, former campaign manager of Jesse Ventura’s gubernatorial race, is now campaign manager for the Hagelin-Goldhabrer ticket. “As a scientist, I believe that government should be about what works—not what is bought and paid for by special interests,” Hagelin said. “Nat Goldhaber and I will promote scientifically proven, forward-looking sustainable solutions to America’s problems—solutions that a vast majority of voters support. With this powerful new coalition of independent political leaders, we can break the two-party stranglehold, take back our stolen democracy, and give millions of people a reason to vote in November.”

Hagelin-Goldhaber Platform at a Glance

John Hagelin and Nat Goldhaber, presidential ticket of the Natural Law Party/Independent Party Coalition, offer voters forward-looking, prevention-oriented, scientifically proven solutions to the nation’s problems, including:

  • Ending special interest control of politics through elimination of PACs
  • Creating a prevention-oriented health care system as opposed to a disease care system
  • Protecting the environment through the use of renewable, safe, nonpolluting energy sources
  • Safeguarding America’s food supply through sustainable, organic agricultural practices
  • Mandating the labeling and safety-testing of genetically engineered foods
  • Reducing crime through innovative, field-tested crime prevention programs
  • Promoting education that develops the full mental potential of each student
  • Cutting taxes deeply and responsibly through proven solutions to costly social programs
  • Promoting more prosperous and harmonious international relations

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