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John Hagelin Wins Presidential Nomination of New York Independence Party with 90% of Convention Vote— Pledges to Build Independence Party, Campaign with Party's U.S. Senate Candidate Jeff Graham

(Albany, NY) The Presidential ticket of John Hagelin/Nat Goldhaber won the nomination of New York's Independence Party at its presidential nominating convention held Sunday in Albany and pledged to use their campaigns to build the party and support its US Senate candidate Jeff Graham.

In a weighted voting system where the State Committee casts votes in proportion to the number received by the party's 1998 gubernatorial candidate, Hagelin received 380,269 votes (90%) and Ralph Nader received 30,854 (7.3%). Buchanan sent a representative to the convention but did not muster enough support to have his name placed in nomination.

"The victory is huge," Hagelin said. "The Independence Party of New York is the crown jewel of independent state political parties in America. Nat Goldhaber and I are looking forward to campaigning throughout the state with leaders of the party and with Jeff Graham."

Frank McKay, Independence Party state chair, called Hagelin and Goldhaber, "class individuals who personify reform and stand for everything we are trying to build in New York state. That is why they won the overwhelming support of the delegates."

The Independence Party is New York State's largest third party, with close to 200,000 registered members. Its activists include the well known Black independent Dr. Lenora Fulani who will work with the ticket to expand the Party's base of support in inner city communities. The Independence Party plays a key role in state electoral politics. Republican and Democratic candidates often court the Independence Party's endorsement, which has provided the edge of victory in close state and local races. Earlier this year both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Rick Lazio sought the Independence Party ballot line. The Senate endorsement instead went to Jeff Graham, an Independence Party leader, who won the Independence Party primary on September 12.

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