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ABC News, "Nightline"
October 30, 2000


Guest anchor Chris Bury talks with third party candidates Harry Browne, John Hagelin and Howard Phillips.

CHRIS BURY: Third-party candidate Ralph Nader has been all over the news recently, not because of his ideas so much, but because the Gore campaign is concerned he is siphoning off votes that might be the difference between victory and defeat. Our next three guests are also running for president, but the chances are many of you have not seen coverage of their campaigns because there has been virtually no coverage. Many of you may not have heard of some of or even all of them, but they are out there campaigning every day anyway.

John Hagelin is the candidate of the Natural Law Party.... Gentlemen, I wanted to get to all of your platforms in just a moment. But first, give me a sense of what it's like out there campaigning with no limos, no airplanes, no entourage, no matching funds.... [Y]ou have described the three of you collectively as the three Mouseketeers. What do you mean? I mean, are you toiling out there against the forces of--of evil?

JOHN HAGELIN: The good news is that there are millions upon millions of people out there who are resonating with this message. And on the basis of that response, we have succeeded in building something very significant, I think. And that is a foundation for a whole new independent political movement. Together, this comprises a very formal grass roots support base. And I believe, hopefully, a blueprint for government in the next election....

CHRIS BURY: John Hagelin, you talk about...common sense reform of the Natural Law Party?

JOHN HAGELIN: Yes, yes, yes. And the real solution here is education. And I am an educator, the only professor running for president. And I believe deeply that America's problems are really caused by education are outcomes fallen to all-time lows in comparison to other nations. Education that really develops the brain, that expands comprehension, that graduates responsible citizens....

CHRIS BURY: John Hagelin, do you--do you see--do you see any daylight between Gore and Bush? Would either of them make a marginal difference as far as you and your supporters are concerned?

JOHN HAGELIN: I don't think so. They're both bought and paid for by the same special interest groups, and that's why it is absolutely essential in this campaign that we take back our stolen democracy from special interest control. Eliminate PACs and soft money. Every precious vote for Hagelin and Goldhaber will send a loud signal to Washington, DC, that says 'Wake up.' These are the sorts of common sense solutions the American people demand, and it's time we break the two-party death grip and take back our stolen democracy.