We must bring entrepeneurship to the White House, introduce proven solutions to America's problems, and break the two party stranglehold on our democracy.

Nat Goldhaber has been an entrepreneur his whole life. He brings to the presidential ticket 20 years' experience in Silicon Valley. Most recently, he retired as President and CEO of Cybergold, Inc., a highly successful Internet company that he sold to a publicly traded company, Mypoints in order to join the Hagelin ticket.

Previously, Mr. Goldhaber served as the founding CEO of the multinational joint venture between IBM and Apple, Kaleida Labs. He was also the founder of the company which developed TOPS, the first IBM/Macintosh local area network later sold to Sun Microsystems.

Prior to starting his career in high tech, Mr. Goldhaber served as Special Assistant to Pennsylvania's Lieutenant Governor, William W. Scranton III. He ran the State Energy Agency as its Interim Director.

Mr. Goldhaber, 52, holds a master's degree in Education and is currently a member of the Executive Board of University of California at Berkeley. He lives in Oakland, Calif., with his wife of 26 years, Marilyn, and their three boys.

Mr. Goldhaber is running as the vice presidential candidate because he believes that "entrepreneurism should not be limited to business–it is also necessary in politics. Ross Perot taught us that." A man who sees a vision, holds on to it until he makes it a reality, and doesn't take no for an answer, Goldhaber intends to pick up the mantel of reform and carry it straight to the White House.