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Anything's Possible/A Vision for America
Hagelin on Ideal Administration
Harnessing Natural Law to Achieve a Self Governing Nation
What's Wrong With Politics Today:
The Need for Foundational Reform
What is Natural Law?
The Basis for True Reform Solutions
20 Point Action Plan to Revitalize America
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Hagelin/Goldhaber Platform
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"Our campaign is about achieving unlimited possibilities for ourselves and for our country -- NOT perpetuating the status quo, bought and paid for by special interests. There is tremendous potential to improve our health, to improve our education, to achieve greater prosperity for all Americans through commonsense solutions that are ignored by government for purely political reasons. Voting for Al Gore or George W. Bush in November is a vote for the status quo and a vote against what's possible. Don't waste your vote on Al Gore or George W. Bush. A vote for "the lesser of evils" is worse than a wasted vote; it is a destructive vote. It sends a loud signal to Washington that says: 'Keep up the good work! We are pleased with the lowest educational outcomes in our nation's history; with the highest percentage of our citizens in jail of any country in the world; with the poorest health and highest health costs of any developed nation. Don't send that destructive message. Tell Washington that we demand foundational reforms -- crucial solutions in education, health, crime, trade, foreign policy, and the environment that cannot wait four more years. It's time to take back our stolen democracy. It's time we take our place in history as the voters who broke the two-party death grip. No one has voted yet. We can win on November 7th. If all of you vote your conscience -- anything is possible!

John Hagelin, Presidential candidate
Nat Goldhaber, Vice Presidential candidate